• Fun, bright and fresh! Whatever the subject, create the brightest mark with Artline.

Sometimes it can be hard trawling through your notes, trying to find that vital piece of information from a few weeks back. When you want something to stand out on the page for easy visibility, or you need a simple way of organising your thoughts on the page, that’s where a highlighter can be such as useful tool. Here at Artline we’ve got a varied selection of highlighters in a range of colours and styles, so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

The results of our highlighters speak for themselves, but allow us to ‘highlight’ some of their many benefits. Our bold, fluorescent highlighters have the brightest ink, and ensure that anything you highlight stands out and pops out of the page. The ink doesn’t erase or fade messages on the paper, or change the colour of thermal fax paper. They’re versatile, too – our highlighters are ideal for highlighting words, phrases, blocks of text, locations on maps, clauses in documents and many more.

Our Artline highlighters also have a range of other useful additions to improve convenience and user experience. With a range of tip sizes,there is something for everyone. Artline has highlighters to suit, whether you’re after precise performance or you want larger, more noticeable line widths. Retractable mechanisms on some models make them extremely easy to use and store, and clips allow you to attach them to pockets, folders and more. Have a browse below to see our great highlighters in more detail.