To err is human, to use correction fluid divine, as the old saying goes. There’s nothing worse than spelling something wrong, or deciding against a particular word or sentence and having to cross it out (at least to us!). It just looks untidy, and ruins the look of the page. We’re only human though, and as such we’re all prone to make mistakes now and again. If you’re writing by hand it’s not like a computer where you can just delete your sentence in the blink of an eye with no repercussions. That’s where correction tape comes in handy, allowing you to cover up those mistakes quickly, easily and unobtrusively.

Correction tape is perfect for those of us who change our minds regularly. You might be working on your short story, and suddenly think of a much better way of putting that last sentence. Correction tape helps you change your text without negatively affecting the look of the page, so it’s a win-win! Our products can easily be written over when dry, so you’re ready to make any improvements you need.

Here at Artline we’ve got a great range of both tapes and fluids, depending on your needs and personal preference. We’ve even got products that combine both; the Artline Edit Fluid 2 in 1 and the Artline Edit Combo, for the ultimate versatility in any situation you may need them. Take a look at what we’ve got on offer now, we’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we are at the range of options available