Acrylic Paint and Ink Marker – “Jack O’Neill” by Lachie Hinton.


“A friend told me that my work is a balance between chaos and order, but I think it always ends up more on the chaotic side.


I like to be reckless when I paint, and I love the feeling of being recklessly in control, so my work usually ends up pretty accentuated and wild. I make all my art using combinations of watered down acrylic paint, pencil, ink markers and charcoal.


I’ve used Artline ink markers from day one with confidence. I use the plastic tips for sketching and art-making on paper and the fibre tips on canvas, and their instant drying and waterproof qualities are ideal for my fast application of watery paint. They’ve never let me down!”


“My name is Lachie Hinton, and I create artworks on the sturdy support of a ping pong table from a rumpus room in Sydney, Australia. I’ve always drawn as a kid, but it was only on a night nearly 3 years ago that art took a hold of me. I created my first work titled “Hawaiian”, and from that point forward I felt like I’d given a new light to a passion that I never really thought would drive me this far. I was talking to a close mate who I work creatively with, and last year we both came to the conclusion that creating shit wasn’t a choice of ours, it was implicit. No matter what I do, I always come back to my creative outlets, and I feel like I’m abandoning myself if I don’t. I’m always motivated and inspired in different ways when I find myself creating, but there’s definitely times when I’m as useless as Kyle Sandilands trying to make friends at a comedy festival.”


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